What is the Upper North medical bus?

20 seater mini bus with disabled access available to those attending medical appointments in Adelaide.

Operates once a week, on Tuesdays.

Is a door to door service (where practical and safe).

Door to Door Service Includes:

• Peterborough
• Jamestown
• Gladstone
• Port Augusta
• Port Pirie
• Stirling North
• Port Germein
• Crystal Brook
• Redhill
• Roadside pickups available on request & negotiated with driver
• Turnoffs
• Service Stations
• Easy parking Landmarks

What if I am mobility impaired?

People with mobility impairments are still able to access the service with a wheelchair lift installed on the vehicle.

Please let Northern Passenger Transport Network (NPTN) know if you require to use the lift or travel with a mobility aid i.e. walkers.

What if I need a carer?

• Passengers may travel with one carer/support person if required.

• A Carer’s Free Fare is available to someone providing a high level of care and support to a passenger.

• A carer can not be someone who is also attending their own  appointment.

• Travel companions providing company but not required to provide high level care and/or support will be required to pay a fare.

• NPTN and Port Pirie Bus Service do not supply carers or support persons.

• At the time of booking, it is imperative to mention a carer is required to travel with you.

• If the carer cancels, you must contact NPTN as soon as possible as seats are valuable.

What do I need to know before making an appointment?

• Must be on a Tuesday (doesn’t run on public holidays)

• To return the same day you must have your appointment between:

• If your appointment is booked outside the zoned time bracket please change to a suitable time, as there are restrictions for return pickups.

• Use an advocate, the NPTN office is happy to assist.

How do I book my seat?

Northern Passenger Transport Network are the booking agent and can assist with any questions you may have. Call them on 8666 2255 before 12noon the Friday before departure.

When booking your seat please have the following in front of you:

• Date you need transport
• Appointment time and duration if you are aware (check your time is in the suitable time bracket).
• Address of appointment and department if applicable.
• Mobility needs – wheelchair, walker, stick etc.

What will happen on the day of travel?

You will be picked up in the morning by the bus at your residential address, or agreed pick up at the arranged time.

You will be dropped off as near as possible to your appointment.

When your appointment is finished, either ring the bus driver yourself or get reception to notify that you are finished.

Our bus driver will pick you up for your return journey.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

If your appointment has been rescheduled or cancelled, notify NPTN as soon as possible.

If you have a carer/companion cancel or is suddenly going with you, notify NPTN as soon as possible.

If cancelling transport a the last minute please ring our bus driver on 0427 582 996 and leave a message.